Lynch Pinnacle Story

Innovative Approach

Over three decades, Tony Lynch built an international reputation as a formidable force connecting clients with decision-makers at the highest level. In 2017, he saw an opportunity to raise the client experience to the next level. He wanted to leverage his insights and vast experience with an innovative approach to data technology. With this powerful combination, he founded Lynch Pinnacle Group to provide solutions for today’s most challenging marketing objectives—raising funds for non-profits, capital raises for growing business and investment in public-private partnerships.

An Accomplished Team

Mr. Lynch has assembled a high-performance team and international partner group that share his commitment to the client and his passion for results. When you meet Lynch Pinnacle people, you know you’re meeting with professionals who love what they do and are dedicated to your mission.

Winning Strategy

At its core, Lynch Pinnacle Group is a strategic powerhouse. With the right strategy, an initiative has wings. With a poorly designed strategy, the same initiative is anchored in place, leaving leaders trying to understand why they can’t gain traction and trying to fix the unfixable. Strategic development is a balance of art and science. It’s a blending of market knowledge, the right data, the right data interpretation, skillful marketing communication and the ability to bring it all together in a compelling presentation that turns lights green. Developing winning strategies is what separates Lynch Pinnacle Group.

Connections that Count

With the right strategy in place, the next step is to develop an outreach campaign that identifies opportunities and connects with decision makers with the ability to influence positive outcomes.

Simply said, Lynch Pinnacle opens doors others can’t.