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Fundraising & Sponsorship Services

Learn more about our role in the International Business Leaders Forum
About: Based in London, England, the IBLF was an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization comprised of global members of multinational companies that worked with business, government and communities focusing on sustainability, growth and leadership issues. The organization created programs such as The Partnering Initiative focused on global development.

Result: Working with corporate leaders at Coca Cola, CCE, Nestle, Shell and other multinational corporations, our team launched a series of marketing and advocacy initiatives to raise awareness and funding for the IBLF’s programs around the world. These included underwriting programs focused on clean water, environment, health and wellness, job creation and combating human trafficking. Scope of work focused on working with chiefs of industry to develop a CEO Strategy of outreach and peer-to-peer networking. LPG expanded IBLF’s internal and external network of business leaders.
Learn more about our role in The Memorial Foundation
About: A national memorial in recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...the first ever to honor an African-American leader and a non-president on the National Mall. Dedicated in October 2011, the Memorial Foundation currently operates the education and legacy programs in cooperation with the National Park Service.

Result: Our firm was engaged when the campaign hit a ceiling of $60 Million during the economic crisis in the global economy. Through a series of strategic marketing initiatives and offering a rolodex of priority contacts, we were able to generate new sources of funding from corporations. Our role in raising the profile of the campaign to new audiences, and creating strong recognition and programming opportunities, helped the Memorial Foundation reach its goal of $120 Million.

International Economic Development

Learn more about our role in LEG Thüringen
About: LEG is the economic development organization for the region of Thuringia, Germany.Its priorities are on urban and regional development, managing and marketing real-estate, industrial sites, military sites and business parks.

Result: LPG and Strategy served as LEG Thüringen’s sole representation in the United States and Canada, for more than a decade. Services included lead generation and appointment setting to secure investments from the North American market yielding hundreds of meetings with corporate decision makers in traditional industries as well as emerging sectors, such as electric vehicles, advanced manufacturing, and environmental technologies.
Learn more about our role in Corporación del Fomento de la Producción
About: CORFO is national economic development agency for the country of Chile...founded more than 85 years ago to promote inward investment and development of traditional industries such as oil, energy, steel, sugar and transportation. Expanded areas of focus included finance and banking, information and communication technology (ICT), business process outsourcing (BPO), telecommunications, advanced manufacturing and hospitality and tourism.

Result: LPG helped advance CORFO’s investment goals for both traditional and next generation industries by creating and implementing a sector-specific lead generation strategy. More than 250 companies with plans to expand in the Latin American market were identified and approached, leading to numerous landmark investment projects over a period of three years.

Learn more about our role in the Merseyside Development Corporation
About: MDC was one of the first and largest urban development corporations based in the UK and Europe operating primarily as an investment attraction agency. Financial assistance, employment grants, and tax abatement were all tools to attract decision makers at mid- and large-cap companies to consider investing in Liverpool.

Result: Retained as its exclusive marketing and promotion agency, LPG and Strategy launched a series of business marketing initiatives across North America and Europe to facilitate inward investment and business retention in Liverpool. Considered a model for economic development efforts, our approach enabled MDC to achieve major successes valued at nearly $1 billion, creating jobs and building facilities on over 2,500 acres of greenfield and brownfield sites. To combat concerns regarding Liverpool’s unemployment rates and dated infrastructure, our firm worked with MDC to rebuild the city’s image as a location for business opportunity and growth. Our lead generation services resulted in dozens of visits a year to Liverpool by high-level executives across a range of sectors, including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Hospitality, and Manufacturing.
Learn more about our role in the China Investment Promotion Agency
About: CIPA is the investment promotion agency in charge of (FDI) inbound and (Global) outbound which is two-way investment promotion aligned with China’s economic strategies. China’s growth and transformation from state-owned enterprises are factors in corporate decisions and private investment. Linkages to internal and external agencies, chambers of commerce and business associations are all a part of the global network of trade, investment and enterprise.

Result: LPG and Strategy has developed international investment opportunities in China for more than 20 years. We have represented agencies in major cities, trade development zones, regions and enterprise partnerships. These include Dongli, Yantai, Changshu, Wujin, Zhejiang, Chongquing and Tianmu.


  • “LPG provides a steady stream of qualified investment projects for us to pursue. Thanks to the efforts of the LPG team, the Dongli District of Tianjin, China has been showcased an enticing option for North American companies expanding into China. We have the opportunity to compete for substantial investments that we are not able to uncover on our own.”
    Governor Zhang Zhonghua
    Dongli District, Tianjin, China
  • “Although we initially retained LPG and JWP Strategy to conduct lead generation, we found ourselves increasingly using their other services that included market intelligence, case management, and business to business matchmaking programs. Investment New Zealand (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) has been able to rely on Tony Lynch and his team of specialists to be there for us to deliver a high value, sophisticated level of support.”
    Jane Cunliffe - Consul General
    Investment New Zealand
  • “LPG’s Business Retention division supported the South East England Development Agency’s (SEEDA's) Investor Development program by providing information and intelligence on companies we believe are of strategic importance to the South East region. LPG’s experience and connections has been invaluable in gaining intelligence on business opportunities and in securing appointments with senior executives responsible for investment decisions within our region. It is all about building relationships and we have been able to improve on the successful programs already in place here at SEEDA thanks in large part to the business retention services offered by LPG.”
    Rob Nolan - Head of Regional Investor Development
  • “LPG/Strategy’s extensive network of contacts has enabled us to develop relationships at the highest levels in business, government, politics and academia. SEEDA has been able to raise its own profile and influence within specific regions across the US and Canada. More importantly, we have been able to jointly pursue business investment and business retention programs with great success because of the services provided by Tony Lynch and Jim Podolak.
    Michael Dewick - Head of International Business
  • “I have worked with many agencies both expensive and inexpensive. I have to say that I have yet to meet a firm that understands the business we are in better than LPG. During the 3 years that I was in North America, they were responsible for taking a prospective business pipeline from two companies to over 200. Other Agencies just did not deliver in the same way…quantity or quality.”
    Jeff Simcox - Executive Vice President Japan/Korea
    Welsh Development Agency
  • "The work Tony Lynch and his managers in the US and Canada undertook for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise has been held up as an example of best practice in outsourcing!"
    Alana Gower - NY Trade Commissioner
    New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • “Over the years LPG and JWP Strategy successfully organized numerous international programs for us. Their skilled team of experts and agents on the ground across North America reached out to the right audiences for us and managed every aspect of business, media and related special events from the look and feel, to logistics, to securing attendance.”
    Kenneth W. Bremer - Former US Representative
    Invest in Germany, LLC
  • "Lynch Pinnacle Group provided us with critical information about companies—where and when decisions were made about investments, and most importantly of all, who made them. If I needed to see an executive either in London or anywhere else, they made it happen."
    Rob Lewtas - Former Head of Inward Investment
    London Development Agency
  • “A first class team that has provided inward investment services for more than a decade – thousands of people are employed in the East Midlands region thanks in no small part to the work given by LPG and JWP Strategy’s team in North America.”
    Jeff Moore - Deputy Chief Executive
    East Midlands Development Agency
  • “I oversaw five offices across the United States and Canada that depended on the full range of services and support Lynch Pinnacle Group provided. This included not only lead generation and marketing campaigns, but also special event programs—media, entertainment, and sports—that brought together executives at the highest levels of business and government on behalf of England’s East and West Midlands.”
    Larry Spang - Former President
    British Midlands Development Corporation
  • “Tony Lynch and Jim Podolak helped maintain London as the key European destination for North American investment working closely with our project teams to deliver a wide range of investment projects. Their collaboration over the past twenty years helped transform much of the business landscape in and around London.”
    Michael Charlton - Former Chief Executive
    Think London
  • “I have served on numerous boards and have had the opportunity to work with Lynch Pinnacle Group Inc. on a number of different campaigns…including the campaign to build the memorial for Ike. In each and every case, they have met or exceeded my expectations in raising awareness and support from both inside and outside of my network.”
    General P. X. Kelley
    Eisenhower Memorial Commission
  • “I worked with Tony Lynch in my capacity as Campaign Chairman for the Civil War Trust. I was impressed by his firm’s ability to assist me in securing major donor commitments from the Board, high net-worth individuals, and foundations interested in American history and preservation.”
    Beverly M. “Bo” DuBose III - Campaign Chairman
    Civil War Trust
  • “LPG augmented our lean development team, bringing critical business intelligence and new relationships to the forefront of our campaign. Working together with Tony Lynch and his staff, we were able to significantly upgrade many of the foundation’s existing major donors, including a $10 million sponsorship to name the Museum’s learning center.”
    Brigadier General Creighton W. Abrams, Jr. - Executive Director
    Army Historical Foundation
  • “As a UK-based organization, we found Tony Lynch and his firm’s international experience a major advantage in raising the funding necessary to build a world-class museum here in England. Years later, we retained their services again to develop and launch our innovative, transatlantic education programs. It was the kind of working relationship that set us apart from other campaigns, and enabled us to finish our project on time, under budget, and on target.”
    Richard Ashton - Former Director and Executive Vice President
    American Air Museum
  • “LPG played an important role in helping to raise the funding necessary to build the Washington Nationals Baseball Academy in 2014. With their help, our campaign was able to reach out to city’s most influential leaders in business, philanthropy, and government. It was a pleasure to work with the firm’s partners and staff.”
    Marla Lerner Tanenbaum - Principal Owner
    Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy
  • “Because of LPG’s extensive network, I was able to present the importance of building this national memorial to key decision makers in business and philanthropy. Their success in securing appointments for me with prospective major donors helped make the Pentagon Memorial a reality.”
    Jim Laychak - President and Board of Directors
    The Pentagon Memorial Fund
  • “Lynch Pinnacle Group played a key role in the creation and development of this historic public-private partnership between the Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum and National Park Service—one of the first of its kind. From developing the strategic plan to securing national major donors at the seven-figure level, LPG enabled us to reach our $125 million goal.”
    Robert C. Wilburn - President
    Gettysburg National Battlefield Museum Foundation
  • “Lynch Pinnacle Group served as a strategic partner, working with us on developing new leads through its rolodex of relationships and helping our foundation expand its donor base to achieve our goals.”
    Harry E. Johnson - President and CEO
    The Dream Foundation - MLK National Memorial