Lynch Pinnacle Group has formalized partnerships with leaders in business, philanthropy, government, and politics...professionals comprised of former clients, contractors, sponsors and associates connected to Tony Lynch and his network derived from closely held relationships developed over the past 30 years.

Experienced Fundraising Specialists

Shayna Blinn

Independent Consultant

John Barnhill

JDB Marketing

Mary Heitman

International Franchise Association

Harry Johnson

The Memorial Foundation

Tyler W. Losey

Account Manager

Bob Wilburn

Wilburn Group

Joe Suarez

Independent Consultant

Investment Attraction & Promotion Experts

Louise Gibbons

Location Marketing

Robbie Beak

Independent Consultant

Richard Todd

JWP Strategy International (Europe)

Libby Schnee

Schnee Consulting

Matt Gardner

CEO, California Technology Council

Jim Podolak

JWP Strategy International

Adam Breeze

Breeze Strategy

Corporate Partners

Shep Burr

Kingfisher Growth Strategies

Lynda Webster

The Webster Group

Tracy Wellington

Wellington Capital Management

Neal Lieberman

Independent Consultant

Wendy Pangburn

Managing Director

Marketing & Communications

John Surge

AEC Agency

Ethan Steininger

Levinger Web